ВОЛШЕБНАЯ КНОПКА - забери к себе в блогодомик!

ВОЛШЕБНАЯ КНОПКА - забери к себе в блогодомик!

Расскажите о нас друзьям;-)

пятница, 27 ноября 2015 г.

Маски и Сказки вдохновляют...

Как много сказочного и загадочного в этом мире!
Разбудить фантазию не сложно,трудно ее утихомирить!
Посмотрим  большой микс из интернета?

18 yr old girl makes breathtaking fairytale costumes Source: angelaclayton.crevado.com {link: http://angelaclayton.crevado.com}:

Photographer: Sonja Saur Headpiece: Posh Fairytale Couture Makeup: Rachel Sigmon Model: Lina Metz:

blue fairytale mermaid girls costume - Only at Chasing Fireflies - Transform into a spectacular mermaid with this fairy-tale costume.:

pink fairytale mermaid girls costume - Only at Chasing Fireflies - Transform into a spectacular mermaid with this fairy-tale costume.:
Adult FAIRY COSTUME size medium The Rose Garden by FairyNanaLand, $85.00:

Figure - Hannie Sarris Fairy Fantasy Sculptures - the Wings are magnificent... Like a leafy vegetable or Sea Coral... Ribbon Skirt...:

Flame dragon / fairy wings:

Antique Lilac sells dresses, as well as offers tutorials on how to make outfits. An excellent site with a beautiful gallery for design ideas.:

It's so simple, I love it! Now I just need a reason to be a unicorn.:

"Autumnal Ruination" This gown features groupings of artificial leaves, branches, and grasses. It was even more vibrant in person onstage.:

Mardi Gras mask and costume for AG:

Fairytale Nuno Felted Bolero - Size Medium Large by folkow (Etsy)  (fairy party, costume, ideas, pretend, make-believe):

To create: Use a gold leafing pen to cover the entire feather. Repeat until you have enough feathers to cover the surface of your headband. Using a glue gun carefully adhere the feathers to your headband. Allow a few minutes for the glue to dry, and voilayoure fit for a fairytale!     Get down with DIY and a dope playlist CLICK HERE for the P.S.- I made thisPlaylist Curated by The Jane Doze:

Woodland Fairy Wand vintage burlap calico star wand fairy party photography prop branch fairytale costume on Etsy, $54.90 AUD:

I love the delicate simplicity of this crown !:

Halloween Costume musing - Grimm's Fairy Tales themed party:

playing card dresses | ... of cards c cards w white pack of cards fairytale costume playing cards:

Kid's Prince Charming Dress Up Costume - Fancy dress - Kids - Children - Birthday - Party- Present - Cape - Buttons - Playtime - Cotton:

queen of hearts:

Amazing costume!!  awesome for a movie or some kind of magical photo shoot!:

Phenomenal Talent - Sea fairytales by Yuli-Ya, via Flickr:

big bird costume by Fairytale Jubilee seen on Access Hollywood Live:
Enchanted Forest Fairy Stilt Acts  http://bigfootevents.co.uk/weddings/Themed-Weddings-Venue-Decor/Fairytale-Wedding-Themes.aspx  I wish I could walk on stilts!! But it would be cool to do some kind of "sentries" by an entrance...not necessarily real people...:

Dinosaur tails:

Photographer creates another fairytale wonderland. Amazing photographs. via @BabyCenter:

Custom Boutique Giraffe tutu set...Birthday parties...dress up...Halloween costume..Photo shoot...size  12- 18 months. $85.00, via Etsy.:

headband for baby girl:

20 Easy and Adorable Paper Plate Crafts:

Now I need to find a group of little kids to dress up as other batman characters!:

Beautiful.   Ogilvy Equestrian Approved!  Equine, Half Pad, Saddle Pad, Helmet, Saddle, Fashion, Style, Comfort, Equipment, Tack, Horse, Pony, Gray, Chestnut, Bay, Black, Horse Show, Show Jumping, Equitation, Pony:

Each of the masks in the variety of these are quite different and each have their own individual details, pattern and story:

Single Image - Butterfly mask & Make-up but covered in Gryphons/birds/lions:

~` burgundy feathers `~:



Paris French Pink Marie Masquerade Shabby Mardi Gras Mask Tea Party Centerpiece Carnival Costume Accessory:

Carnivale / Mardi Gras Mask:

Stunning!! Mardi Gras:

Gold Unicorn Masquerade/Carnival Mask.:

Stunning mask! @http://www.etsy.com/shop/MythicalDesigns?ref=pr_shop_more:

Green Man Halloween SCA Fair Nature Sprite Mask by CedarfoxStudios, $225.00:

Простой мастер-класс с фотографиями и пояснениями есть ТУТ

Думаю, вы немножко вдохновились и у вас возникло желание что-то сотворить, создать, придумать....тем более Новогодние утренники и вечеринки не за горами!
До 7 декабря мы ждем ваши фантазии в задании-галерее "Маски и Сказки"

Всего вам сказочного и доброго!
С вами была Ваша Лика.

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  1. Шикарные маски! Вот бы такие научится делать!Спасибо за вдохновение.

    1. Спасибо! В интернете есть подробные МК изготовления таких масок! Пробуйте и у вас все получится!

  2. Потрясающая подборка! Спасибо девочки за вдохновение!


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